Mega seeks to energise and enrich the debate over how to create a better-functioning economy and society.

Megatrends are the powerful socio-economic, environmental and technological forces that shape our planet. The digitisation of the economy, the rapid expansion of cities and the depletion of the Earth’s natural resources are just some of the structural trends transforming the way countries are governed, companies are run and people live their lives.

The purpose of Mega is to explore these seismic developments – to provide insights into the problems faced by humanity and the innovations that could one day solve them. With articles and videos featuring leading academics, scientists and entrepreneurs active in the fields of sustainability, technology, health, alternative energy, and agriculture, Mega seeks to energise and enrich the debate over how to create a better-functioning economy and society.

Mega is produced in partnership with Pictet Asset Management, a pioneer in megatrend–driven thematic investing and partner to several distinguished research institutions and industry practitioners, some of whom feature on this site.

Mega Editorial Board

Leo Johnson

Leo Johnson is an independent sustainability expert, and co-founder of Sustainable Finance Ltd. He specialises in identifying environmental and social megatrends and the risks and opportunities for business leaders.

Jeremy Abbate

Jeremy A. Abbate is the vice president and publisher of Scientific American, Scientific American MIND and SA Worldview, where he is responsible for developing and executing new media programs and collaborative ventures. He founded and continues to lead Scientific American’s Worldview enterprise, a global exploration of health and life science innovation. He has spearheaded co-branded partnerships with several international organizations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The Carter Center. He serves on the advisory board for The Global Wellness Institute.

Gabriel Sigrist

Gabriel is co-founder of Large Network, a media agency that specialises in producing in-depth features, editorial and graphics in the areas of technological innovation, economics and sustainability.

Before that, Gabriel was a journalist with Swiss national daily newspaper Le Temps where he covered economic affairs and technology. Trained as an IT engineer, Gabriel worked in the research and development department of the telecommunication provider Swisscom before turning to journalism.

Claus Kjeldsen

Claus Kjeldsen is chief executive officer of the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, a consultancy founded in 1970 in partnership with the OECD that undertakes research in economics, political science, ethnography, engineering, sociology and technology.  

Claus and his organisation have provided strategic guidance to several governments and international corporations. 

Vincenzo Pelosi


Vincenzo is head of investment writing at Pictet Asset Management.

Prior to this, he was a journalist, having worked for various news organisations and publishing houses including Agence-France Presse and Euromoney.