Andrew Voysey

Sustainable Finance Director

Works at:

The Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Andrew has led the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership’s work with investors, banks, insurers and their regulators for nearly a decade since the global financial crisis. His team now convenes over 50 financial institutions from across five continents, developing strategies for collective action that will better align the financial system with the needs of a more equitable and environmentally sustainable economy. Andrew is also an Academic Visitor at the Bank of England.

To support systemic change, Andrew particularly works to cross boundaries between finance, business, government and academia, most recently as Knowledge Partner to the G20 Green Finance Study Group. He has worked in many development contexts, from Indonesia to China and the United States, on challenges such as short-termism, climate change and resource security.

Before joining CISL, Andrew worked at RSA Insurance Group and the UK Government’s Department for Business. He began his career as Head of Research and Editorial for an intelligence and strategy firm advising cities worldwide.

Andrew is an advisor to a variety of government, business and finance sector initiatives. He holds a BA in Geography from the University of Oxford, a Masters in Leadership for Sustainable Development and is a Fellow at the Royal Geographical Society.

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